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22:51 pdurbin          close enough
21:46 whartung         Well, you heard from me…
21:45 roadrunneratwast Thanks so much.  I have been struggling with this for a while.  I figured it out but it's good to hear it from an expert
21:44 whartung         roadrunneratwast: that works fine for normal content, but for chunked content, you will be getting multiple pieces, and you won’t be getting something that will tell you the overall length (as the server simply may not know in advance)
19:07 roadrunneratwast thanks
19:07 roadrunneratwast Content-length
19:05 roadrunneratwast Is there any way to determine the size of the response to a GET request?  Is it indicated in a headers field?   Above a certain threshold, we do not want to parse or manipulate the data.  Thanks