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14:39 dka      :)
14:38 leclerc  At least this is what Fielding would tell you.
14:37 leclerc  dka: if unsure, just SHA-1 "users" and use the hash as your url
12:30 mdk      I also like to think this as a file hierarchy, how would I name my folders? Probably /users/ with files in it, like /users/johndoe
12:29 mdk      same here, I always use plural, /users/ is a collection of userS
11:23 timdiels I use plural. GET /users to return all users seems more intuitive to me than GET /user
11:02 pdurbin  I tend to use plural.
10:31 dka      like /user or /users
10:31 dka      ?
10:31 dka      should entities rest endpoint use plural or singular