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08:57 mdk     I'm trying to tell my clients I have a STOMP server so they can get live updates over web-socket if they want, first though is to add a kind of {"href": "ws://…/stomp/the_channel_for_this_objet", "rel": "stomp"} in the "links" attribute, but it looks non-natural, any though?
09:11 trygvis hm, that looks like something I would have done :)
09:13 mdk     trygvis: for the "rel" attribute, does something like "ws/stomp11" make sense? I mean, we can think of the future, adding other stomp versions / other protocols / whatever?
09:43 trygvis the transport protocol is specified by the url and content type is in the resource you're receiving
09:47 mdk     hum
09:50 mdk     Is there a "REST API schema repository", aggregating json schemas / open API schemas of REST APIs, a bit like https://github.com/SchemaStore/schemastore/tree/master/src/schemas/json but for REST APIs?
09:51 mdk     It may be usefull to look "how what is done by who", or even compute some stats like "this is done like this by 10% of APIs and like this by 90% of APIs"
09:58 bool    I am trying to understand this stateless thing and have seen that many rest-services requires authentication. isnt storing that a user has logged in on the server storing a state? furthermore I see that they often limit the number of requests a user can make, isn't that also storing state?
10:04 trygvis each request includes authentication, there is no connection that keeps a state
10:10 mdk     bool: Don't hurt your mind too much with statelessness, your API will probably store some data at some point (like POST /messages/ adding a message to a collection of messages), focus your understanding to the idempotency of requests (that have to be indempotent). For authentification, trygvis make the point right, typically look at basic auth : it works without "creating a session per user", it just
10:10 mdk     retransmits the password every time
10:11 mdk     bool: If you respect idempotency, you'll not be able to use server-side sessions (GET /admin → denied, PUT /create_session → 201, GET /admin → 200!? not idempotent? → bad), that's the "statelessness" you want
10:18 bool    and what about the limit requests per user? isnt that state also?
10:39 pdurbin mdk: I don't know but if you find a REST API schema repository, please let us know!
10:48 trygvis bool: no, it is not related to the rest application
11:06 bool    hmm... i think i understand, but should probably browse the web for more examples to let it sink in
11:06 bool    thanks :)
11:26 mdk     still searching a rest schemata repository, I'll tell you if I get something. Or we may build it þ
11:49 mdk     Can start to get some from here https://github.com/search?o=desc&q=%22targetSchema%22+extension%3Ajson&s=indexed&type=Code&utf8=%E2%9C%93
13:06 pdurbin mdk: can you tell if a JSON schema file is downloadable from http://schema.org/Dataset ? If it's there I can't find it.
13:08 mdk     pdurbin: dunno, yet I found https://github.com/SchemaStore/schemastore/tree/master/src/schemas/json a few minutes ago there's like 4 schema.org schemas translated to json schema here
13:11 pdurbin mdk: right, that's the same link you posted previously
13:12 mdk     ah þ
13:14 mdk     pdurbin: it should be possible to translate them automatically, yet very hard as they extensively use inheritance and there is *no* concept of inheritance in json-schema
13:15 pdurbin mdk: do you think this is what I'm looking for? I guess this may be JSON-LD rather than JSON Schema: https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/blob/sdo-callisto/data/releases/3.2/schema.jsonld#L337
13:16 mdk     oh, jsonld, long time no see
13:20 pdurbin heh
13:31 mdk     OK, I found some json schema from APIs : https://dpaste.de/3v1O/raw next step : write a crawler :(
13:36 pdurbin mdk: long list. How many of these do you plan on using?
13:38 mdk     pdurbin: I just want to analyze the current usage of json-schema : what do people describe with it, and maybe extract some statistics. Not yet sure what and why though, but it should be great to see that for an object named "Person", x percent assign a "firstname" and "lastname" attribut and y percent assign a "name" attribute, and so on…
13:39 mdk     Not telling that "the mass is right" but it may give ideas like "OK I have to describe that, does anyone has already described it? How did he named the property describing yadi yadi yada?" ...
13:40 mdk     It may also be a source of inspiration for non-english peakers trying to find the right vocabulary, etc..
13:40 mdk     s/peakers/speakers/
13:42 mdk     I, personally, sometimes struggle to find the right attribute name for a given thing, I don't know like ... a lead for an article, do we name this a "lead", a "article_lead", a "lede", a "lead_paragraph", … (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_paragraph), the right answer is probably "The less surprising one" and to find the "less surprising one", looking at some stats may help
13:44 pdurbin mdk: here's someone asking for a JSON Schema of our homegrown way of expressing a dataset in JSON: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dataverse-community/qsY8swD9Hh0/jOAI9UBLAAAJ
13:45 pdurbin Currently, I don't have a good answer. We don't have a JSON Schema for our somewhat zany JSON format for a dataset.
13:47 mdk     It make me think that wikidata may be a source of inspiration too for attr names
13:52 pdurbin Well, the reason I'm interested in http://schema.org/Dataset is that it's mentioned at https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/datasets but I guess that's JSON-LD rather than JSON Schema.