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12:11 pdurbin    DevAntoine: I've never used PATCH. And to replace things I often use PUT. I use POST for creating new things.
11:59 DevAntoine pdurbin: so api/users/{id} for PATCH and api/users/{id}/avatar for POST?
11:54 pdurbin    You could try two routes and see how it feels.
11:51 DevAntoine Or I just change the PATCH to POST
11:49 DevAntoine Should I have two separate routes then? User's data would be updated using PATCH and user's avatar doing a POST (considering it seems that to send a file you need to set the content-type to multipart/form-data which only works with POST)?
11:45 DevAntoine how should I proceed?
11:45 DevAntoine I was trying to do a multipart/form-data but it isn't working with PATCH
11:45 DevAntoine I've got a route for PATCHing user's data. I can patch data AND its avatar
11:45 DevAntoine hi