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03:48 pdurbin Solr is nice. I feel like I've let some of the Solr semantics bleed though into my public API though. Oh well. No complaints so far. :)
03:47 pdurbin It
03:47 rodd    at least for now
03:47 rodd    I'm not using Solr though
03:46 pdurbin rodd: sure. You can also use "TO" in Solr to do range queries (on dates and other things): https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/2291
03:43 rodd    pdurbin: interesting, thanks!
03:33 pdurbin rodd: I used "fq" for "filter query" in `fq=publication_date_s:2015` for example: http://guides.dataverse.org/en/4.5.1/api/search.html . On the backend I use Solr.
03:10 rodd    any suggestions?
03:10 rodd    it mentions adding a ?q= but that isnt exactly what I'm trying to do (filter by a specific field)
03:09 rodd    So far I've been following Apigee's Api design book, but it doesnt seem to cover this topic
03:08 rodd    I was thinking of something along GET /users?year=1980 or GET /users?filter[year]=1980
03:07 rodd    Hi, I'd like to filter a collection, what is the recommended approach? Example: GET /users that's fine and returns me all users, but how would I set my endpoint so that it takes a set of conditions?
01:13 pdurbin seems fine
01:08 mg983_  basic REST… would adding a category to a post (/post is the resource) typically look like this PUT /post/category with post ID and category ID in the payload?