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11:28 Hvk         hey, is here somebody willing to talk about rest api design?
11:30 Tomatosoup- Hvk: dont ask to ask, just go on and somebody will try to answer (sooner or later)
11:32 Hvk         So i am trying to design routes for my api. Its somethking like timeline for organizations and you can have new task for organization and what is better to do something like this for POST method: /api/organization/:id/tasks or /api/tasks?
11:48 pdurbin     Hvk: I'd probably go with /api/tasks
11:52 Hvk         pdurbin: in this solution i need send organization id in payload with task and what about quering all tasks from one organization i need to have GET somethking like this /api/tasks/:organizationID or?
11:53 Hvk         i was trying to get inspired from instagram api, i dont know if its best, do you know any other good designed apis? where i can get new ideas or tips? :)
11:57 pdurbin     I like looking at https://developer.github.com/v3/
12:04 Hvk         pdurbin: so i am looking on this one https://developer.github.com/v3/issues/#create-an-issue for example and they are doing it like my first example
21:35 al_nz1      Hello. I am trying to make a REST request (a GET one) (using VBA) to a site that requires me to pass a username and password - this is fine, the problem is I am a client behind a firewall, which also requires a username and password to let the request out from behind the proxy? I presume
21:36 al_nz1      Currently i can open a website that doesnt require any credentials with the code '.Open "GET", URL_HERE, false, username, password
21:37 al_nz1      but how would you authenticate with proxy and authenticate with target site
21:37 al_nz1      which is two different crednetials
21:43 al_nz1      I think it is something to do with proxy
22:31 al_nz1      is there a specific format for parameters in body, or is that defined by the server
23:57 pdurbin     al_nz1: well, it sounds like you're in charge of the server. You can do what you want.