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12:28 shodan`     We're currently designing our REST api and I was wondering what the best URL scheme would be to solve this issue: We have sets of items that can be listed using for example `/fonts` which will list all the font families. But font families have all possible fonts we support as sub items. So this for example http://hastebin.com/iyuhuhucuh.json
12:29 shodan`     What's the best way to be able to approach the individual fonts in a CRUD way? I feel like `/fonts` and `/fontFamilies` would be messy
12:29 shodan`     CRUD-ish
12:31 Tomatosoup1 shodan`: font of certain family or all fonts?
12:33 shodan`     It's just an example. Our backend only supports a predefined set of fonts and those fonts are categorized into families. So in this example we don't support  BebasNeue bold.
12:35 Tomatosoup1 i would say to use something as simple as /fontfamilies/{fontfamily_id}/fonts/{font_id} but im not sure if this is what you expect
12:35 Tomatosoup1 that uri would get you specific font from given font family
12:36 shodan`     Whis would mean that a lot of the urls would be `/resourceSet/{set_id}/resource/{resource_id}
12:36 shodan`     which kind-of feels messy
12:39 Tomatosoup1 actually, i find it quite readable
12:40 shodan`     How about `/resource/sub/{sub_id}` & `/resource/{id}`
12:41 Tomatosoup1 but there is one isse with that: for example how will you list all resources from given resource set ?
12:41 shodan`     s/resource/resources/
12:41 shodan`     ?
12:42 shodan`     `/resources`, `/resources/{id}`, `/resources/sub/{id}`
12:44 Tomatosoup1 taking into consideration your example with fonts -> how will you list all fonts from certain font family ?
12:44 shodan`     They're in the fontFamily object?
12:45 Tomatosoup1 but i talk about how will this URI look like in your case
12:46 Tomatosoup1 assuming that your rest api will be hypermedia-driven i think that my solution is more clear
12:47 shodan`     So allowing for  /fontfamilies/{fontfamily_id}/fonts?
12:48 Tomatosoup1 yes, i would say so - but it would be better if someone more experienced expressed his opinion about this