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09:55 trygvis     so, restafarians
09:55 trygvis     how does one do searches (with HAL)
10:06 pdurbin     trygvis: what are your thoughts?
10:08 trygvis     so, in our app a user can have access to many companies (we do accounting and invoicing) but all operations are within the scope of a company
10:09 trygvis     if an external system want to create an invoice, they first have to find an existing customer account or create it
10:09 trygvis     right now they have to download the entire list of accounts and filter it locally
10:10 trygvis     so we want a way to search for accounts by email, name and other attributes, but also issued and sent invoices
10:11 trygvis     the problem with hal (and many other hypermedias) is that they never include a "type" attribute, so if I have a company-wide search resource it is hard for a client to tell if a resource is an account or an invoice
10:12 pdurbin     Is HAL (et al.) extensible? Can you add a "type" to it?
10:13 trygvis     eveyrhing goes with hal, you can do whatever you want
10:13 blongden    You could use a profile, maybe
10:13 trygvis     hm, hal has profiles?
10:13 blongden    Well profile is a separate specification. You can use it as well as hal.
10:15 trygvis     hm, do you mean just the concept of having profiles like many hypermedias do or is there something specific for hal?
10:16 trygvis     the current idea is to have a "type" link where the URL is just a key
10:19 pdurbin     Will users be able to facet on the "type" link?
10:20 trygvis     I guess that would be useful
10:20 trygvis     but I was thinking of having a search link from each collection too
10:21 trygvis     but maybe it is best to just have a single search endpoint for everything
10:21 trygvis     there are also some special indexes that are useful, like a list of all invoices sorted by invoice number. as they have to be increasing it is useful for synchronizing states
10:22 trygvis     blongden: do you have an example of what a profile would look like?
10:24 blongden    I think I misunderstood what you're trying to do. Is it mark up the outgoing links from a document with some sort of link type information?
10:25 trygvis     no, this is all hal/json
10:26 pdurbin     trygvis: in my world, the main "types" users care about are dataverses, datasets, and files, so I created a "type" query parameter to let them easily facet on those ( http://guides.dataverse.org/en/4.4/api/search.html ) but they can facet on most fields if they want.
10:29 trygvis     right, that is similar to what I'm going to do
10:29 trygvis     except that my types will be URLs and I'll use HAL :)
10:32 pdurbin     so far my users haven't asked me to use HAL or even REST :)
10:33 trygvis     this is our doc: https://fiken.no/api/doc/
10:43 pdurbin     trygvis: cool but 1970-1-1? See https://xkcd.com/1179/ :)
10:45 trygvis     boo, that is bad. /me will fix!
11:00 pdurbin     :)
20:51 oakenshield I am writing an android app that will use a lot of different external APIs (facebook, google, wikimedia...). Many of these have SDKs ready for use. What do you guys think is the best way. Writing a generic REST api interface and then only implementing the relevant requests for each APIs or learning/using each specific SDK?