Time  Nick    Message
13:46 croben  anyone know a good learning resource to understand REST?
13:48 pdurbin croben: https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/
13:49 croben  pdurbin, nice, thank you
13:50 pdurbin trygvis: we should put that in the topic
13:50 croben  supposed to make a REST route and i don't know what i'm doing
13:50 pdurbin croben: what language are you using?
13:51 croben  java with dropwizard
13:52 croben  not much info on that page
14:00 pdurbin croben: you could look at https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/blob/master/examples/javaee7/src/main/java/com/greptilian/addressbookmvc/javaee7/api/People.java
14:09 croben  thanks
18:27 SJr     What is a good or the best resource for learning and understanding OAuth conceptually?
18:40 pdurbin good question
22:39 croben  what is a REST route?