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09:45 trygvis   URLs should be discovered, and they are allowed to change over time. so client that really follow the rest principles won't manually create the URLs and thus won't look at their string values
09:11 greenride What do you mean by the clients shouldn't create or look at the URLs?
09:09 greenride If urls are suppose to represent resources, then there are many users. So, users should be a collection. Then, POST /users should create a new user. Right?
09:09 trygvis   from a code perspective it is always nice to at least be consistent
09:08 trygvis   it really doesn't matter
09:08 greenride Here's what I mean.
09:08 greenride Assuming the server has more than one user.
09:08 greenride trygvis: From a server resource perspective, shouldn't it be /users/sign_up?
09:07 trygvis   greenride: it doesn't matter, the clients shouldn't create or look at the URLs
06:30 greenride Which naming convention is considered better style?  '/users/sign_up' or '/user/sign_up' ? Should user be singular or plural?