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23:57 whartung    ok wCPO
23:24 wCPO        It is for some Debian digital signage box, which then call "/v1/players/:player_id" and use that as config.
23:23 wCPO        whartung, initial proof of concept: http://sprunge.us/hTAe I need to fix some of the names, the json is request
23:10 whartung    yea I was being facetious
23:09 wCPO        whartung, it more a kind of conversation/rewrite in rest (and go).
23:07 whartung    nah, code first, then design it -- how do you know your design works if you ahven't coded it!??
23:07 wCPO        whartung, thanks! I'm trying to "design" my rest api.. Before I code it.
23:06 whartung    in other fields, we call that "Security"
23:06 whartung    no
23:04 wCPO        Is it bad practice to hide some field depending on if the user is authorized or not?
16:37 fumanchu_   to pushing you the advertises
16:37 trygvis     :D
16:36 fumanchu_   in http3, server calls *you*
16:35 trygvis     but I'll need to add a way for clients to poll for changes first
16:34 trygvis     that'll teach them!
16:34 trygvis     or for bursts greater than one
16:34 trygvis     I've been wondering about adding a 10 second delay for requests on resources that should be cached
16:28 pdurbin     yeah, I was thinking it was a design decision but maybe the server is having trouble handling load or something. it's just strange that adding a half-second sleep seems to help consistently
16:22 trygvis     isn't that limit at least 8 now? or even much larger
16:21 trygvis     sounds like your db connection pool is full
16:18 fumanchu_   like, 2
16:17 fumanchu_   if those are being sent from a browser, it's common to hit a browser-imposed limit on connections and blame the server though
16:16 * fumanchu_ wonders if that's accidental throttling simply due to poor performance on the server
15:56 pdurbin     "While in the process of testing I noticed that if I send in GET and POST requests in fairly rapid succession say 3 or more in a row, the third or fourth fails to respond and my application expecting a response hangs.  Is there a limit to the number of request that can be made over a short length of time? Have other applications run into this issue and how have they addressed it?"
15:56 pdurbin     here's the way a coworker expressed it:
15:32 pdurbin     Has anyone heard of an API where when you want to hit it twice you have to put a 500 millisecond sleep in between the two calls or the second call times out? Is there a name for this type of throttling?