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02:08 shadowrunner Hi all, could you tell me how a restull api should handle extra (unnecessary) json elements on POST/PUT requests? It should ignore ir or throw an error?
02:09 shadowrunner *Restfull
14:54 pablovilas   Hello, can someone please show me a document for modeling REST APIs with UML? Thanks.
15:26 pdurbin      pablovilas: maybe try this (but I haven't used it): https://github.com/nukalasr/swagML
15:27 _ollie       I am not sure how REST is really related to UML. Its concepts aren't even present in UML.
15:27 _ollie       And Swagger is everything but REST… ;)
15:41 pdurbin      "Swagger is a simple yet powerful representation of your RESTful API." http://swagger.io
16:03 pablovilas   _ollie, that's the problem. UML is not too updated for a transparent REST representation
16:07 _ollie       Right, but nobody really cares about UML these days anyway.
16:07 _ollie       pdurbin: That's what they say. That doesn't make it true though.
16:08 _ollie       For the majority out there, REST ist JSON via HTTP. For that definition of REST, the Swagger statement is true.
16:14 pdurbin      yeah