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23:54 whartung  shark was jumped long ago when they punted to websockets
23:45 fumanchu_ no, just using the latter as an example of the former
23:44 whartung  you're conflating REST and HTTP again
23:44 fumanchu_ the existence of HTTP/2 is a strong argument that "the right way" was apparently more work than creating an entirely new industry standard
23:42 pdurbin   time will tell if any of my users complain that our APIs aren't RESTful enough
23:42 pdurbin   yeah
23:39 whartung  most folks just stick with POST and JSON (i.e. "poor mans CORBA")
23:38 pdurbin   the perfect is the enemy of the good
23:25 sfisque   how much is "good enough" versus perfection
23:25 sfisque   it is a fine art of where to draw the line
23:25 whartung  doing it "the right way" is quite a bit of work and not really justified in most cases.
23:24 sfisque   _ollie1 i think we would all build those services "the right way" if there was no push from business to a) get it yesterday b) below budget and c) bug free
23:23 _ollie1   tbh, if people really build rest services more like websites, we wouldn't have to deal with that many misunderstandings ;)
23:22 sfisque   i think its more basic than that.  there are many people (around the world) run through "dev mills" who learn a few things, and then get thrown into the deep end and now have to figure out what it all means (all the acronyms, abstractions, frameworks, anti/patterns, etc.).  and we get to make fun of them…  JK ( a little )
23:19 fumanchu_ REST is an abstraction (style) over how to make abstractions (architectures) over actual implementations. It takes more effort to move further away from the concrete and therefore the number of people at each level of abstraction naturally gets smaller and smaller.
23:11 whartung  because everyone conflate REST with HTTP and web sites as if they're the same thing
23:03 spaceone  what is so hard about understanding REST? i don't get why people are always associating completely different things with it
22:38 pdurbin   to update that wiki page: https://github.com/trygvis/rest-wiki/blob/master/auth.mdwn :)
22:37 searchbot sfisque: rest - RESTful Authentication - Stack Overflow: <http://stackoverflow.com/questions/319530/restful-authentication>; RESTful Services HTTP basic Authentication - Java Tutorial Blog: <http://javapapers.com/web-service/restful-services-http-basic-authentication/>; Authentication - Django REST framework: <http://www.django-rest-framework.org/api-guide/authentication/>; HTTP Status Codes - REST API (2 more messages)
22:37 AbuDhar   on how I can make it work with this framework
22:37 sfisque   searchbot google rest http authentication implementation list
22:36 AbuDhar   sfisque: please I need an example
22:35 sfisque   another is Basic
22:35 sfisque   oAuth would be one example of a credential passing mechanism
22:32 pdurbin   AbuDhar: an example: curl -H "X-Dataverse-key:$API_TOKEN" http://localhost:8080/api/access/datafile/12
22:32 AbuDhar   that sounds like oAuth?
22:32 sfisque   AbuDhar every request is a complete conversation.  there is no "session" beyond the request.  because of that, you need to pass credentials (whether direct or via some token) with every reqeust
22:31 AbuDhar   whartung: can you give me an example please?
22:31 pdurbin   we still need to fill out the page at https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/auth :)
22:30 whartung  you pass in your credentials with the authorization header
22:30 AbuDhar   What do you do then?
22:30 whartung  You typically do not "log in" in a REST architecutre
22:30 whartung  I have no idea what Silex is
22:29 AbuDhar   not sure what you mean but I am making an API in Silex.. how would I do that?
22:29 AbuDhar   eeeh
22:28 whartung  you should be passing in credentials along with the Authorization Header
22:28 AbuDhar   or attempts to
22:27 AbuDhar   validate user when he logs in
22:27 whartung  validate
22:27 whartung  what does "valiate" mean?
22:22 AbuDhar   or /user
22:22 AbuDhar   /validate
22:22 AbuDhar   what should I call my validate resource when validating a user? what should my route be?
22:22 AbuDhar   hey