Time  Nick     Message
16:55 saml     https://apiblueprint.org/  do you use this?
17:27 whartung I've not used that saml -- looks almost interesting
17:28 saml     i want to write api spec.. and generate documentation and request validator
17:28 saml     is there something like this?
17:28 saml     targetting node.js server
17:30 whartung I know the guys here use some other popular json documenting thing who's name escapes me.
17:30 saml     json schema seems popular
17:30 whartung yea we use taht
17:30 whartung I thought there was something else as well
17:31 saml     do you generate documentation off json schema? or write documentation separately?
17:31 whartung right now, we're documenting in a wiki. It's mostly awful, but at least it's usable by everyone vs relying on a build phase to publish it.
17:32 trygvis  we just moved our documentation from our internal wiki to markdown inside the app
17:32 trygvis  (we exported PDFs from confluence and sendt that by email to customers)
17:32 whartung the wiki is like maven to me -- something nevessary, but I don't actaully care for it
17:33 trygvis  now that we have the docs as markdown we can generate some parts of it which is quite nice
17:33 trygvis  maven <3
17:33 whartung of course it's frustrating when you focus on the documentation but the develpers don't.
18:30 saml     how do you keep syncing documentation and actual code that validates?
18:35 trygvis  with code reviews, code generation and a two-by-four
18:35 whartung basically
18:49 trygvis  :)
18:49 trygvis  we generate code and documentation into src/main/resources so they automatically become a part of the code review