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08:55 darkangel Is there any neat/efficient way to delete a selection of resources? I don't really like the 2-step option.
08:56 trygvis   not really
08:57 trygvis   you can make a serivce that can do deletes for you, but it becomes very specific
08:57 darkangel Is "DELETE /articles?ids=1,2,3" very very bad?
08:58 trygvis   not if the hypermedia describes how to do create the request
08:58 darkangel We're not really using hypermedia yet.
08:58 trygvis   but that is a kind of service that I mentioned. I would probably POST a list of URIs for the service to delete
08:58 trygvis   well, if you're all about RPC you're in the wrong channel :)
08:59 darkangel Trying to keep it ReST-like at least.
08:59 trygvis   at least use the URLs then instead of IDs
09:01 darkangel Seems redundant.
09:05 darkangel trygvis: What would you name that resource (where you post the list of URIs)?
09:08 trygvis   "asdlkasjdaklsdjfioehfgvdfbgj" is a good example
09:08 darkangel lol
09:09 trygvis   it's rest, the URLs are not important
09:10 trygvis   (their text representation isn't)
09:10 trygvis   using and discovering them is important
09:11 darkangel Well I haven't seen any public APIs with names like that. :)
09:12 graste    how about DELETE /articles with payload or article urls and then that returns LOCATION "articles/434754df-67d3-342c-8a53-8555f01c51a6" which you can GET the status on the deletion of the POSTed article urls :-)
09:12 darkangel DELETE is not really supposed to have a payload.
09:13 graste    not really as in must not or not really as in unusual
09:13 darkangel As in some proxies and other tools strip the body out.
09:14 graste    there is always the option of RPC style POST abusal ^^
09:15 graste    POST the urls of resources to be deleted to some url
09:15 darkangel Ya like verbs in the URI ... I'm sure it's gonna happen at some point.
09:15 graste    -.-
09:15 graste    you're late to the party as in rails? you can add _method=delete ^^
09:16 trygvis   sending DELETE with a payload is much worse than using POST to delete data
09:17 graste    so we've got a winner via POST there?
09:18 darkangel POST /articles/for-deletion [1, 2]
09:18 darkangel lol
09:18 darkangel I hate this sh*t.
09:19 graste    depending on usecase you might foreach $article DELETE $url in your client code instead of trying to create this bulk deletion url
09:19 graste    as in that case you will need to think about partial success etc as well
09:21 darkangel And transactions, etc. But anyway, that might be okay for a few articles, but if you're deleting 1,000 then it's far from ideal (esp. without HTTP/2).
09:27 graste    yes
16:51 jangid    what is peak time for this channel? No one online since very long.
16:54 sfisque   patience.  just post a question and someone at some point may see it and respond to you
17:08 jangid    :-) Thanks
20:18 pdurbin   I don't know that anyone keeps metrics on the peak time for this channel.
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20:24 pdurbin   :)