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22:59 akurilin seems a variation of rest most people are familiar with
22:58 akurilin it's amusing, I haven't used rails in years, but I always go back to look at its routing conventions
22:58 akurilin alright, thank you. Yeah I confirmed it against a rails scaffold just in case
22:52 asdf`    yes, what you said seems fine; your collection resource is empty, and there's no individual resources
22:50 akurilin Not following, sorry
22:50 asdf`    well, there's no individual resources in that case, is there :)
22:49 akurilin So I'm guessing the convention is: /foos will return [] in the empty case, and individual resources will return 404?
22:46 akurilin got it
22:46 asdf`    there's also 410 for when the resource existed previously but not anymore, if you store enough data to know that
22:45 asdf`    of course, yes
22:45 akurilin seems like 404 is the most semantically valid optino
22:45 akurilin question: in a (REST-style) JSON API, what's the response convention for retrieving a resource at e.g. foos/1 and that resource not existing? Do you return a 404, empty list, empty object?
21:27 pdurbin  o/
21:26 trygvis  I'm off
21:26 pdurbin  yeah. I mean most of the time I'll probably just preview a single page, like you said.
21:25 trygvis  I think perhaps it's not the best theme, I think something that's wider is better. makes it easier to display resource examples
21:25 trygvis  cool. I didn't find it to be very useful as you have to run a local http server
21:24 pdurbin  I'm gonna try that theme thing and the rebuild script too. great stuff
21:23 pdurbin  yep. will do
21:23 trygvis  np, just work at the github repo
21:15 pdurbin  you might need to delete that commit I made though. sorry
21:14 trygvis  yeah
21:14 pdurbin  trygvis: you could just disable the cgi. that's what I do. feels more secure anyway
21:13 trygvis  I think I would have to code something for that to work
21:10 pdurbin  trygvis: to make that change I made a local account. so maybe you'll want to disable that? dunno
21:06 trygvis  but I want you to authenticate against github, not google. then the commit could use your github id
21:06 trygvis  right, it's not pushing automatically. yet.
20:58 pdurbin  trygvis: I was able to update https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/contributing via the web interface (added a way to contribute) but it wasn't reflected as a commit at https://github.com/trygvis/rest-wiki/commits/master
20:52 trygvis  I think you'll have to hack ikiwiki to get that to work
20:49 pdurbin  trygvis: oh sure. you already merged a pull request for me. works great. I just wonder if it's possible to do an end run around pull requests by clicking the "Edit" button.
19:47 trygvis  at least until I figure out the auth stuff. but I think it would be nice to just make everything pull requests at github. I think we can assume everyone that want to contribute have an account
19:46 trygvis  pdurbin: that would be nice, but I was thinking it might be best to go with the git pulls for now
18:37 pdurbin  trygvis: part of what I'm thinking is that https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/contributing/ *could* say "just click Edit and edit this page in your browser" (if that works and you want that to happen rather than a pull request)
18:36 pdurbin  interesting. it seems like "Changed by" is based on the email address you use when making a git commit: https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/recentchanges/
18:30 pdurbin  hmm, when I tried to click Edit and log in with a Google account I got "OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain: https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/ikiwiki.cgi"
18:23 pdurbin  show me as
18:22 pdurbin  trygvis: if I edit the wiki via the web interface I wonder if it'll show as me as two different contributors at https://github.com/trygvis/rest-wiki/graphs/contributors
12:29 pdurbin  sounds good
12:29 trygvis  yep
12:29 pdurbin  so start with just an atom.mdwn
12:27 trygvis  I think it can go all in one page until it is too much content
12:27 pdurbin  trygvis: so a top level "atom" folder
12:26 trygvis  I see atom and atompub as a part of the same "atom" package
12:26 trygvis  I think it could be chucked all into 'atom'
11:38 pdurbin  trygvis: at https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/hypermedia/ you list Atom and I'm wondering what you'd like the URL for atompub to be... https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/hypermedia/atompub ? or just https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/hypermedia/atom or https://trygvis.io/rest-wiki/hypermedia/atom/atompub? or something else?