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19:46 travelr I have a bunch of modules where each module provides endpoints I need to assemble in some "URL namespace" for access.
19:47 travelr I'm unsure how to organize these. Should every module (i.e. service) have one endpoint, or many endpoints, should they be nested
19:53 trygvis it doesn't matter, nobody looks at the URL anyway
19:53 trygvis you could create a "start" document that lists all the other URLs
19:59 travelr trygvis: the issue is more.. conceptual. Say I have FormService which provides a /forms/ endpoint
20:00 travelr trygvis: I have some that provide two.
20:00 travelr trygvis: I don't know what I'm asking exactly, but I'm confused is the overall point
20:00 travelr :P
20:02 trygvis try making a start document and go from there