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18:17 autrilla__ What is the RESTful way to send data in a GET request? Is that even RESTful? In my case, I want to get a list of temperatures given a start and end date (and time), but I have no idea how to do it
18:19 autrilla__ Appending ?startdate="whatever",enddate="whatever" doesn't seem like a good idea
18:19 asdf`      autrilla__, how so? this is how it's usually done
18:20 autrilla__ It looks ugly
18:20 autrilla__ It doesn't seem to belong in the uri
18:31 fumanchu   it exactly belongs in the URL since it identifies the resource whose representation you're GET'ing
18:32 fumanchu   different params = different URI = different resource = different response
18:44 pdurbin    how does one use .Net to do what curl does?
18:44 pdurbin    this is why I'm asking: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dataverse-community/a5aZhFWmjo4/E_NwMYEgLi4J
18:51 autrilla_  fumanchu, yes, but as params? Wouldn't /startdate/enddate/ be better?
18:53 fumanchu   autrilla_: only "better" if it looks nicer to you or your framework. It's the same to the protocol
18:53 autrilla_  Well REST is not a protocol really... more like guidelines
18:55 pdurbin    first two hits when I searched: http://unirest.io/net.html and http://restsharp.org
18:58 fumanchu   sorry, I assumed you were using HTTP