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02:08 fuzzyhorns so, rest is about hateoas, which means sharing representations of application state (right?)
02:08 fuzzyhorns so is restful arch inherently imperative?
02:09 fuzzyhorns does that question even make sense?
10:54 BrunoC     hello
10:55 BrunoC     I would like to know what do you think about this: ResourceA URI = /resourceA/
10:55 BrunoC     ResourceB has another URI /resourceB/
10:56 BrunoC     resourceB has a association with resourceA,
10:56 BrunoC     but the associantion has some properties
10:56 BrunoC     the uri /resourceA/1/resourceB is giving us those properties
10:57 BrunoC     is this ok? Since we are calling the URI with resourceB, should we return the resourceB information?
10:58 BrunoC     *association
10:59 BrunoC     (like many to many)
11:35 trygvis    BrunoC: either you model the relation as its own resource, or you make it a part of either A or B
11:40 BrunoC     something like /ResourceAssociationAB/{id}
11:41 BrunoC     Do you think it should be inside of resourceA or resourceB uri? or that doesn't matter at all
11:42 trygvis    it never matters
11:42 BrunoC     ok
11:42 BrunoC     I remember you saying something about partial representation of resource and caching problems
11:43 BrunoC     Can you elaborate more about it?