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00:21 citanul         Hiya!  I'm new to REST APIs.  We have an iPhone client and calling the REST API is ending up with a lot of calls and network overhead.  Do REST APIs ever have a layer on top of them to include business logic?
00:28 pdurbin         hmm. a layer on top. you want fewer network calls
00:31 citanul         I want fewer client calls to be more specific
00:51 krainboltgreene citanul: Check out jsonapi.org
00:52 krainboltgreene It gives protocol hints for how to handle more or less information per request.
00:55 fumanchu        bigger responses mean fewer network calls for the same data. if you have control over the design of the REST API, rethink the boundaries between resources
10:19 singh_abhinav   which tool I shall use for REST API testing
10:30 trygvis         singh_abhinav: that is a too broad question
16:37 bigbluehat      hi all. I'm pondering sending the WWW-Authenticate header and a custom auth scheme in 20* ranged responses
16:37 bigbluehat      browsers don't seem to care (quick test across the 4 majors)
16:38 bigbluehat      but wasn't sure if that was specified as a "bad idea" already...or if this was some margin I could play in :)
16:38 bigbluehat      401 responses MUST send WWW-Authenticate...but that's all I've seen so far
16:39 trygvis         AFAIK that is totally fine
16:40 trygvis         new RFCs are expected to define new WWW-Authenticate types, oauth specifies one extra
16:41 bigbluehat      trygvis: fab :)
16:41 bigbluehat      gonna chew on this and come back with more ?'s probably
16:41 bigbluehat      tnx!
16:43 dreamdust       What's the RESTful way of returning partial representations of the same resource?
16:44 dreamdust       like… let's say I just want to get two fields of a user object and not the entire user object
16:44 trygvis         none
16:44 trygvis         you only deal with whole representations
16:45 trygvis         you have PATCH to update parts of a representation
16:45 saml            I do this   GET /content?fields=a,b     hahaha
16:45 dreamdust       saml that's what I've seen
16:46 dreamdust       trygvis: I'm talking about GET
16:46 trygvis         that's ok, /content is a different resource from /content?fields=a,b
16:46 dreamdust       are you saying that different media types should be used
16:46 saml            yup
16:46 trygvis         no, that won't work
16:46 saml            no, those are different resources
16:46 dreamdust       yeah thats what I thought
16:46 dreamdust       thx
16:47 trygvis         the problem with having multiple resources is that you're bound to loose caching
16:47 dreamdust       What about this then ? http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7240
16:47 saml            why do you want to get two fields? I've also seen hierarchical resources.   /users/1/first_name
16:51 dreamdust       My coworkers were thinking of using a weird header field to return different representations of a resource… and I thought that sounded very weird.
16:51 dreamdust       since I've mainly seen it done as saml suggested
16:52 trygvis         if you're using special headers you're most likely not very RESTful
16:52 trygvis         unless you have a media type that is HTTP-specific and tells you how to create these magic headers
16:52 dreamdust       right
16:53 pezra           if that "weird header field" is `Prefer` or `Accept` it is very restful
16:53 saml            you need to configure your caching to cache those properly
16:54 saml            normalize Accept before generating cache key
16:54 trygvis         pezra: you're a good http client at least
16:55 pezra           any non-broken cache will handle them correctly assuming the `Vary` header is set correctly
16:55 saml            i mean, in the wild, Accept is wild
16:56 pezra           by "cache", i meant "http cache"
16:57 fumanchu1       the difficult insight is that your typical object might span multiple resources/URLs, and there's nothing wrong with that. OO languages like to define object boundaries based on programmer ease of use. REST API's need to define boundaries based on atomic transactions and caching.
16:59 fumanchu1       if your API maps resources 1:1 with objects, you're almost certainly Doing It Wrong: you won't see benefits from the REST architectural style like scalability, evolvability, etc
17:00 fumanchu1       at the least, you need to start by defining the representation boundaries, and work backward to designing the objects, rather than the other direction
18:15 atoll           Hi
18:39 saml            hi atoll
18:40 bigbluehat      dreamdust: here's another way http://amundsen.com/examples/fielding-props/docs
18:40 bigbluehat      for the "partial resource" thing
18:40 bigbluehat      which are quite similar to TimBL's Matrix space URLs: http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/Axioms.html#matrix
18:44 atoll           I send a question on stackoverflow that I wanted to ask here
18:44 atoll           http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26106611/receive-update-from-server-with-mobile-framework
18:44 atoll           ( I thought the channel was dead :d)
18:45 whartung        This channel is like one of those dark smokey bars where everyone turns to see who walks in teh door, but noone makes a sound unless the stranger starts dancing.
18:45 bigbluehat      haha...terribly accurate I'm afraid ;)
18:46 bigbluehat      atoll: as with any channel, it's as active as the participants are at the moment ^_^
18:46 bigbluehat      if it's too quite, make noise ;)
18:47 atoll           Shall I put a resume of my stackoverflow question here ?
18:48 bigbluehat      nah, we can click the link and answer there :)
18:54 whartung        I posted atoll
18:57 atoll           It's a very good explanation whartung
18:57 atoll           thank you
18:57 whartung        yw
18:57 whartung        to lunch, bbl
18:57 atoll           Do you have any recommendation ?
18:57 atoll           (to use instead of rest)
18:58 atoll           I guess socket (or websockets) are what I'm seaching, but I'm not sure how to include them into phonegap
19:02 bigbluehat      atoll: you'll probably best best off asking the phonegap kids for that one :)
19:09 atoll           a phonegap kid recomment me to spam post
19:09 atoll           recommend*
19:38 bigbluehat      atoll: spam post? :)
19:38 bigbluehat      where?
19:39 atoll           you post to the server the last version number of the content you have
19:39 atoll           if there is new content, the server responds with the new content
19:39 atoll           that feels very dirty
19:39 atoll           but no one else answers
20:13 whartung        you can simply use an etag or if-modified header atoll, and yea, spam it as often as you feel comfortable doing it.
20:19 atoll           but wouldn't it make more sense to use websocket ? Isn't it really bad to spam ?
20:34 whartung        a websocket is fine atoll2, basically since the pattern is out of scope (unless you want to poll), you can use do whatever you want.