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15:24 graste        in that issue I made an example of parameter usage for streaming vs. non-streaming content for odata
15:23 graste        hehe :>
15:23 graste        and I was wondering if I understood the whole thing wrong
15:23 mamund        graste: it helps to know where the skeletons are buried ;)
15:22 graste        https://github.com/willdurand/Negotiation/issues/30
15:22 graste        I was just wondering about the naming things stuff as a php lib I had a look at names the media type variants just "format" and does not take parameters into account
15:21 graste        good pointers all around - googling that stuff just doesn't work that good ^^
15:21 mamund        hvae fun!
15:21 graste        :>
15:21 mamund        http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3023#appendix-A
15:20 mamund        "Although the use of a suffix was not considered as part of the original MIME architecture, this choice is considered to provide the most functionality with the least potential for interoperability problems or lack of future extensibility. "
15:20 graste        thx for the hint at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6839
15:20 mamund        you know how that worked out ;)
15:20 daxim__       "structured syntax suffix"
15:20 mamund        want to see it get popular w/ JSON types
15:19 mamund        Crockford has said he _hates_ that thing and didn'
15:19 daxim__       IT'S GROWING
15:19 graste        I just need a name for that part as I may need to parse that or whatever
15:19 mamund        IIRC, it kinda annoys some in the media type space ;)
15:19 daxim__       RFC 6839
15:19 mamund        that's just something the XML peeps made up
15:19 graste        cool
15:19 mamund        hey, i go where the trail leads me!
15:19 graste        suffix, thanks
15:19 graste        col
15:18 _ollie        Just twenty lines into the conversation and we're at XML already… some countries would consider this rude behavior…
15:18 mamund        "suffix"
15:18 mamund        http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3023#section-7
15:17 graste        :D
15:17 * mamund      grabs the xML spec
15:17 mamund        well, the XML peeps might have called that +thing something...
15:17 graste        yes, I'm talking representation
15:17 mamund        no, that's just a convention.
15:17 mamund        different in the bits on the wire, right? -- the representation
15:17 graste        does the "+json" have a name?
15:17 mamund        well, "different" is what i am curious about.
15:16 graste        as rendering hal as json and utf8 may be something different from hal as xml  with profile foo and utf-16
15:16 mamund        well "parameterized media type"?
15:16 graste        yes
15:16 graste        for example
15:16 mamund        in your names, i mean
15:15 mamund        so you want to separate ones that have params from ones that don't?
15:15 graste        even though it may be all "atom media type"
15:15 mamund        hmmmm.....
15:15 graste        depending on format, parameters etc
15:15 graste        because it is two things for me when I want to render it
15:15 mamund        i am missing something
15:15 graste        :\
15:15 mamund        why do you want two names?
15:14 mamund        LOL - it's a media type.
15:14 graste        so a combination of type, subtype, format? and parameters is "one specific thing"
15:14 mamund        wait, you want two names now?
15:14 graste        I could say "application/atom+xml" is atom media type and "application/atom+xml;type=entry" is a specific media type itself
15:14 mamund        i've said "media type identifier" in the past, too.
15:13 mamund        i see, well, i see "media type" and "MIME media type" all over these RFCs and the page we shared.
15:13 graste        yes, my question is a "naming things" question
15:12 mamund        "the whole specific string" -- you mean the "media type"?
15:12 graste        yes, been there
15:11 graste        click
15:11 mamund        http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/media-types.xhtml
15:11 graste        yeah, but under registry are only the parts and not a name for "the whole specific string"
15:11 mamund        basically, IIRC, you have type/subtype;paramters
15:10 mamund        graste: there are a handful of RFCs on this.
15:09 graste        application/hal+json;profile=foo
15:09 graste        application/atom+xml;type=entry ,charset=UTF-8
15:07 graste        what's the name for the whole string then?
15:07 graste        type/subtype+format;parameters?
15:07 graste        what are the parts called and how would I call the whole specific media type string (including the parameters)
15:07 graste        when I have an http accept or content-type header having a value like "application/foo+json;bar=baz"
06:14 tmoore        singh_abhinav: http://restfulwebapis.com/
05:51 singh_abhinav I'm new to restful web services ...any pointers on books/ blogs/ videos to start with
02:39 talios        allo
02:39 * talios      idles
01:16 mamund        unix lizard -- yeah, that works.
01:16 pdurbin       that too
01:15 mamund        screams lizard to me;)
01:13 pdurbin       it's supposed to scream unix
01:13 mamund        it's a name that sticks w/ ya -- great job
01:13 mamund        sheesh
01:13 mamund        ROFL! that might be it!
01:13 pdurbin       logs for this channel maybe :)
01:12 pdurbin       hmm!
01:11 mamund        can't put my finger on it.
01:11 mamund        pdurbin: was just wracking my brain trying to remember what i recently shared from your greptillian.com domain....
01:07 pdurbin       heh
01:07 mamund        ;) me, too!
01:07 pdurbin       looking forward to your definition
01:07 pdurbin       it was a fav but sure :)
01:06 mamund        thx for the RT, btw ;)
01:06 mamund        ahh, right
01:06 pdurbin       nope. javaone in a couple weeks. giving a talk
01:05 mamund        pdurbin: you at RESTFEet this year?
01:05 mamund        i think we could write a one or two para definition that would be useful (even if everyone in the world won't like all of it ;)
01:05 mamund        will be interesting to see if anything comes out of that short session.
01:00 pdurbin       mamund: good stuff
00:47 mamund        just added the REST Definition topic as a 5in5 for RESTFest https://github.com/RESTFest/2014-Greenville/wiki/Mike-Amundsen#rest
00:47 mamund        just added the
00:34 pdurbin       o/
00:33 whartung      gotta run, ttyl
00:33 whartung      cool
00:33 pdurbin       and in our new code base, we're able to make auth pluggable more easilyl
00:32 pdurbin       keep getting pulled off to other projects
00:31 pdurbin       quiet you
00:31 whartung      it's only been, what, a year?
00:31 whartung      nice!
00:29 pdurbin       whartung: oh hey, some progress: Philip Durbin on Twitter: "And now, with the new pluggable auth model @michbarsinai and I came up with... getting shibboleth login working!" - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/510571782261465088
00:28 pdurbin       whartung: that's awesome
00:23 whartung      "the specification is specific, the language English, in which it is written, is not.
00:22 whartung      just reminds me
00:22 whartung      sounds fruitful
00:22 mamund        the definition will need to treat REST as a style, not a spec. it will look close to the definitions of impressionism, swedish modern, etc.
00:20 whartung      Well whatever the "concise definition of REST" is, the "industry" appears to have it wrong.
00:18 pdurbin       good point
00:18 pdurbin       http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/apps-discuss/current/msg12973.html
00:18 pdurbin       'A "definition" is usually relatively short, measured by a few sentences.