Time  Nick        Message
17:29 Mxyzpltk    10x
17:26 trygvis_    Mxyzpltk: 'me'
15:05 Mxyzpltk    what link relation should be used if a link points to a webpage with the profile of a person?
14:52 ironChicken except that the results list comprises things that will be created, rather than things that have been found
14:52 ironChicken i suppose what i'm doing is somewhat similar to RESTful search
14:51 ironChicken hmm. yeah.
14:48 fumanchu    see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-3.4
14:47 ironChicken it is
14:47 * fumanchu  mixed up his "you's" there, but hopes it's clear
14:46 fumanchu    there's certainly no protocol problem. whether it's the appropriate solution for your problem is another question. typically, you return 300 because you ask for /foo and the server offers you /foo.jpg, /foo.pdf, /foo.html, etc.
14:41 ironChicken so does anyone see any obvious problems with responding 300 to POST requests?
14:40 * fumanchu  wants to take that webmachine graph and make it 3D so that the POST and PUT spiral down into a hell of misdirection, conflict and multiple choices
14:40 ironChicken pdurbin: or https://maps.google.co.uk/?q=boston+lincolnshire or indeed any town in europe
14:37 fumanchu    :)
14:36 * pdurbin   is reminded of http://pdurbin.tumblr.com/post/41994788005
14:35 fumanchu    you must live in California, where all routes are straight and direct ;)
14:34 ironChicken even if it does make me look a bit stupid ;-)
14:34 ironChicken fumanchu: ok, that's reassuring
14:33 fumanchu    ironChicken: I see a route from POST to 300...
13:26 ironChicken which seems to imply that there's no route from POST to 300
13:26 ironChicken https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/basho/webmachine/images/http-headers-status-v3.png
13:26 ironChicken the reason ironChic` and i (who are/is the same person) started worrying about this design was looking at this diagram:
13:21 ironChic`   does that sound at all sane?
13:21 ironChic`   the idea is that client sends partial information about a resource and the application responds by saying: based on that information, we can create either this, this, or this
13:20 pdurbin     maybe it's time for pagination
13:20 ironChic`   in my application, i'm thinking of returning 300 Multiple Choices in response to POST requests