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21:14 cigarshark     also, a PUT seems okay since this would be an update to an existing Book and Author.
21:13 cigarshark     a POST to a /book url seems no more valid than a POST to an /author url
21:13 cigarshark     supposing I'm creating a new association between a Book and Author (a many to many relationship).  I'm only creating an association.  How would you map this as a REST request?
16:24 ralphschindler it is clear that embedded resources can be full, partial, or inconsistent versions, but if an item in a collection is a resourse elsewhere that has a 1-1 relationship with a nested resoruce, it would make sense that the parent collection be able to have the resource in questions in the embedded collection, and inside that the dependent resource too (embedded in the embedded item in the collection)
16:22 trygvis        I doubt it really is useful to embed many levels of resources, you're violating http by just the first level (but it really is convenient)
16:22 trygvis        ralphschindler: good question
16:14 ralphschindler hi all, not sure if this is the proper place to ask this, but my question is specifically about HAL.  Is it kosher to have embedded resources inside an embedded resource?  The spec is not clear here, and hal-browser seems to omit it when displaying the embedded resources.