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01:28 prologic pdurbin I see
02:53 pdurbin  user*
04:21 dotplus  any opinions on matrix vs. mattermost?
04:27 dotplus  or even rocket.chat?
11:22 prologic they're all similar ideas afaik
11:23 prologic only matrix is unique afaik is that its designed to be federated
11:23 prologic the others are clones f slack
13:50 pdurbin  I've been using rocket.chat at https://chat.inkscape.org for a few months. Seems pretty nice. I agree it's basically a Slack clone. Mattermost has a bit more of an open core vibe to me. And yeah, Matrix is different in that it's federated and an actual protocol.
15:50 dotplus  yes, I'm aware of the differences between them in the federation/protocol aspects. I should have been more clear - I was hoping for _usage_ opinions, what's the user experience like?
16:52 dotplus  also, "Dear choir: https://doist.com/blog/asynchronous-communication/"
23:10 pdurbin  dotplus: my user experience with rocket.chat has been pretty good so far. I've been using the Android client. I'm thinking about installing the Linux client because I'm not a big fan of chat in a browser. I like dedicated clients.
23:11 pdurbin  Also I like that rocket.chat can be configured to be SLOPI: https://github.com/good-labs/slopi-communication