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19:43 dotplus   you're very encouraging, which is great. But this weekend's an excessively optimiistic estimate:)
14:30 pdurbin   dotplus: yes, focus on shipping first. Write your essay over the weekend. I'll read it. :)
14:25 dotplus   ... employee that ships as well as full of good/interesting ideas.
14:25 dotplus   stuff to demonstrate that I'm a useful ...
14:24 dotplus   I'm tempted to try to write up an essay, "prepare" a lightning talk and a real presentation. Submit to conferences. But a) I think ~nobody wants to hear this/agrees so it won't be well received. The whole "prophets get stoned by their own people" kind of thing b) new job, and especially with all the travel and internal outreach I've been doing) means I need to get headdown and write some code/build some
14:20 * dotplus wonders whether this should be my soft-topic of choice to promote wherever I can
14:19 dotplus   pdurbin: heck, yeah!