Time  Nick    Message
21:49 sivoais ;-)
21:49 sivoais happy new year (again)
21:47 sivoais hahah
21:40 kdb     No plugin specified.
21:40 pdurbin kdb: info
21:39 kdb     Available commands for help: info commands help
21:39 pdurbin kdb: commands help
21:39 kdb     See: commands help
21:39 kdb     other plugins and their commands.
21:39 kdb     Provides commands to display helpful infomration about
21:39 kdb     Help plugin
21:39 pdurbin kdb: help
21:24 pdurbin to all of you. bear botka dotplus gregkare prologic sivoais ^^
21:24 pdurbin raucao: oh hey, happy new year
20:00 raucao  sorry!
20:00 raucao  oops, wrong chan
20:00 raucao  i get "ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/home/basti/src/kosmos/hyperchannel/node_modules/ember-cli-sockethub/node_modules/'" when trying to run hyperchannel, even after npm i and bower install