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13:54 dotplus on the other hand how open is open? do we want to be usable for any communication other than "allow delivery to anyone who asks"?
14:00 pdurbin dotplus: I'm not sure what you mean.
14:05 pdurbin dotplus: https://botbot.me/freenode/opensourcedesign/msg/44702305/
14:25 dotplus what I mean is do we want all messages to be completely public? As in up there on google/whatever for anyone to see who cares to look, "forever"?
14:27 dotplus Because if we don't, I think perhaps we need to revisit the "such that only the intended recipient can read [is] not our focus" statement from earlier.
14:28 pdurbin I tend to like public stuff such as Twitter. Facebook is a walled garden to me.
14:31 dotplus bnvk: in case you do ever look at this log... I certainly didn't mean to imply that wireframes are not important. My intent is that, at this early stage, our focus should be on considering what functionality we want to enable, not on the graphical presentation of that functionality to the user. I do however realise that wireframing could be a valuable tool to help that thought process. I'll take whatever results in a sufficient understanding ...
14:31 dotplus ... of the goal that we can start to build something useful.
14:36 dotplus pdurbin: I don't use either Twitter or Facebook:) Each for different reasons I won't go into here.
14:44 bear    because messages within this environment will be directed at an entity the visibility will be defined by who has access
14:45 bear    even if that access is, at the start, private or public
14:48 pdurbin if IRC didn't have private messages I'd be fine with that :)
14:51 bear    a private IRC message is a transport issue - it's from one entity to another using IRC
14:52 bear    a public channel message is from one entity to another, but accessible by anyone with access to the channel entity
16:27 pdurbin nice to see people pointing out related projects: https://github.com/openknot/openknot/issues/7
20:40 dotplus so I guess my point comes down to: are we intending (A) to ensure privacy by encrypting with the public key of the intended recipient Agent(s)? or (B) (merely) by only (pushing to appropriately auth/authed Agents|allowing appropriately auth/authed Agents to pull)?
20:44 pdurbin not everyone has a public/private keypair. but maybe openknot is for geeks only :)
21:10 bear    the first version being for "power users" is ok for me
22:04 dotplus ==bear
22:05 dotplus and of course, there's no reason why account creation can't also include keypair generation/publication
22:06 * bear  nods
22:09 pdurbin Don't Make Me Think - https://www.sensible.com/dmmt.html :)