Time  Nick     Message
08:37 enrio    yesterday was great
08:40 enrio    registered my own startup
08:40 enrio    it takes 4 months to come live
09:04 aditsu   so long? :o
09:43 enrio    yes its slow here :( mah!
10:30 enrio    always had a dream of running my own show :)
11:06 enrio    now i know what my heart really want :)
11:11 enrio    getting clients are hard but not impossible - stop being lazy
13:20 pdurbin  congrats
13:51 enrio    thanks but it would very very very .... hard but need to make it work :)
13:58 * aditsu is doing Kick Start
14:07 pdurbin  My wife just started her own LLC.
14:39 aditsu   pdurbin: what does she do?
15:31 mr_lou   My girl also started her own business.
15:32 mr_lou   Going pretty well actually. Lots of payed work. But rarely getting enough for it though.
16:38 pdurbin  biotech, drug discovery, she's a scientist
16:58 aditsu   cool