Time  Nick     Message
14:55 nanoz    will make you guys proud
14:21 aditsu   nanoz: don't know, it depends how much you learn and improve in the process
11:21 pdurbin  :)
11:11 nanoz    we missed philbot
11:11 nanoz    thank you sir
10:57 pdurbin  Heh. I rebooted my server. philbot is back!
10:45 nanoz    hoping to get into intermediate level / on contest
10:38 nanoz    we forget to say thanks
10:38 nanoz    does alot of work.
10:37 nanoz    welcome philbot
10:28 nanoz    actually 6 years career gap "/
10:25 nanoz    if i add my carrer gap + career must be 12 years experienced folks at the least.
10:24 nanoz    lol been on career gap of more than 5 years :P , all for the dream
09:58 nanoz    its a 6 months straight practise aditsu , not sure if that help me to reach intermediate :'(
09:57 nanoz    i'm planning to change all my time table
09:34 mr_lou   It requires 601 problems to be solved.
09:34 mr_lou   No
09:32 nanoz    aditsu, will solving 600 problems would be sufficent to rank as intermediate in contest?
09:20 MisthaLu Yes. Me too.
09:20 MistahLu Good idea inferior Lou from inferior dimension.
09:20 * mr_lou goes back to work
09:19 mr_lou   nanoz's?
09:19 MistahLu many
09:19 MisthaLu How
09:18 mr_lou   Clash of the dimensions!  O_O
09:16 nanoz    is MisthaLu and mr_lou are same?
09:15 MisthaLu There is only one me.
09:06 mr_lou   ...in the multiverse.
09:06 mr_lou   ...in each dimension.
09:05 mr_lou   There is only one Mistha Lu.
09:05 mr_lou   I think you misunderstand what Mandella effect is.
09:05 mr_lou   Really?
09:05 nanoz    wow mr_lou, another mr_lou from different dimension were saying brb
08:55 mr_lou   brb
08:54 mr_lou   nanoz, Maybe in your dimension it is. In ours it's real. ;-P
08:54 mr_lou   <nanoz> mr_lou, mandella is fake theory.
01:20 pdurbin  yeah, pretty neat
01:05 nanoz    wow!
00:58 nanoz    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9l0l4Jrwl0 << quarkus
00:49 nanoz    whats that quarkus
00:48 aditsu   *shrug*
00:37 pdurbin  "Unifies Imperative and Reactive" https://quarkus.io
00:36 pdurbin  aditsu: it's the new hotness. Supported by Quarkus.
00:15 nanoz    mr_lou, mandella is fake theory.
00:10 aditsu   don't really know what that is
00:08 nanoz    pdurbin, aditsu have you worked on reactive java programming