Time  Nick    Message
20:06 nanozz  hi aditsu pdurbin Jantz mr
20:07 nanozz  mr_lou ... what is you're full name?
20:40 pdurbin what's up nanozz
20:40 nanozz  nothing much
20:40 nanozz  learning
20:41 nanozz  btw is it preferrable to use strategy pattern when using over different implementation?
20:42 nanozz  for example stack can be done over many array,linkedlist, can B-Tree look like stack
20:42 pdurbin I don't know, sorry.
20:43 nanozz  okay
20:43 nanozz  is there any pointers you can give me?
20:45 pdurbin I haven't really studied design patterns much. We use the command pattern in our app. That's the main one I know.
20:46 nanozz  got it
20:47 nanozz  command pattern is really interesting
20:48 nanozz  if strategy are to be considered command , so command  pattern are applicalbe? pdurbin
20:53 pdurbin No sure. Here was my talk on the command pattern, if you're interested: http://iqss.github.io/javaone2014-bof5619