Time  Nick    Message
20:43 pdurbin I don't do CP. I just try to keep up with my kids when they have feature requests for HTML5 games we make. :)
19:33 nanoz   for CP!
19:33 nanoz   pdurbin, you do foo on CP?
19:33 nanoz   <pdurbin> all the languages, if memory serves :D
18:55 aditsu  nah, not all of them :)
18:55 pdurbin all the languages, if memory serves
18:51 aditsu  anyway, yes I've used java and several other languages
18:51 aditsu  so.. competitive contest? :p
18:50 pdurbin competitive programming
18:45 aditsu  CP?
18:43 nanoz   aditsu, you were using java for CP contest right?
11:56 pdurbin maybe when my kids go off to college :)
11:33 aditsu  you should try it, it's fun :)
10:24 pdurbin Jantz: no, I haven't done any competitive programming. aditsu definitely has, like he said.
08:03 Jantz   rightyo thanks aditsu
07:26 aditsu  Jantz: studying C will help you get closer to "whats going on under the hood", especially pointers and arrays
07:22 aditsu  Jantz: when you call sayHello("David"), execution enters sayHello with name="David", sayHello method is called and the argument "David" is passed
07:21 aditsu  Jantz: I have done competitive programming
00:33 Jantz   pdurbin: have you ever done any competitive programming?
00:24 pdurbin Cool. Me too. I thought I'd hate it but it's fine.
00:22 Jantz   i am having fun with java though
00:12 pdurbin ok
00:11 Jantz   programs* most used anyways
00:11 Jantz   ok cool pdurbin i think ill go back to C seems like the fastest apps are made with it too
00:10 pdurbin It all depends on what your goal is.
00:10 pdurbin Well, I think Java is written in C. Complicated C from what I hear. You might want to study the inner workings of a different language.
00:08 Jantz   also wondering if i want to know whats going on under the hood with specific programming flow/underlyings should i learn how a compiler works or the JVM or bytecode or machine code?? or none and just focus on the Rulings that stipulate/rule the workings of Java?
00:05 pdurbin Sure, you could create a sayGoodbye method that also passes a string to println.
00:02 Jantz   thanks by the way
00:02 Jantz   so in line 5 name as an argument is fully allowed to take/connect to another argument in another method easily?
00:01 pdurbin The compiler enforces this for you.
00:00 pdurbin name doesn't want an Integer or anything else
00:00 pdurbin name wants a String