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03:37 pdurbin I dunno, I just don't have much experience making GUIs. It seems a little tricky. And I don't really have an itch to scratch.
03:37 pdurbin I did a tiny bit of Android development years ago.
03:36 pdurbin I went to a workshop at JavaOne a few years ago and we coded up the game 2048 in JavaFX. It seemed to make sense, I guess.
03:35 aditsu  and I'm still relatively new to it
03:35 aditsu  I used Swing for some years; JavaFX seems nicer, but also seems to have more bugs
03:32 aditsu  (in a non-portable way)
03:32 aditsu  and in some languages I only did it in windoze
03:32 pdurbin me neither
03:32 aditsu  I don't think I ever tried it in python
03:31 aditsu  I don't know how to build GUIs in many languages
03:30 pdurbin But you know a ton of languages. Is JavaFX the best thing to build GUIs in?
03:29 pdurbin ok ok :)
03:29 aditsu  people are developing libraries
03:29 aditsu  there's activity on SO and various other places
03:29 aditsu  JavaFX has users
03:28 pdurbin Some might ask the same of JavaFX. ;)
03:25 aditsu  does anybody actually use that?
03:24 aditsu  true
03:24 pdurbin You probably won't miss some of that stuff being removed from the JRE. CORBA, for example.
03:22 pdurbin heh
03:21 aditsu  winter is coming...
03:12 pdurbin By January, I guess. That's when free security updates for Oracle JDK 8 stop, I hear.
03:09 pdurbin planning on using openjdk 11 when the time comes though
03:09 pdurbin ok, that's what I have installed on my Mac at work
03:08 aditsu  for javafx.. I'm currently using Oracle JDK 8
03:08 aditsu  just parts of the standard library that they "helpfully" decided to remove
03:08 pdurbin Are you using OpenJDK or Oracle JDK?
03:07 aditsu  oh fsck no, not that!
03:05 pdurbin Maybe Java could install a helpful Ask Toolbar for me. And some other crap.
03:02 aditsu  it would be nicer if the classloader automatically triggered a download and installation :p
03:01 pdurbin It would be nice if users were prompted to do so.
03:01 aditsu  separately
03:01 aditsu  I hear it's possible to install javafx though
03:01 aditsu  no idea
03:01 pdurbin Using one of your apps, I mean.
03:00 pdurbin What's the user experience for a Java 11 user? Weird errors?
02:59 aditsu  I hardly have any users, but yes
02:57 pdurbin If memory serves, you're using JavaFX so you'll have to do something for Java 11 users, like you're saying.
02:50 aditsu  5 apps - 5 JREs, I really don't like the idea
02:49 pdurbin I guess you could include the JRE with your app. Bigger download.
02:47 pdurbin Oh, I see what you mean.
02:45 aditsu  and even if they do, they can't use java web start anymore, so have to download the application anyway
02:44 aditsu  well, since they removed all those other features, you can't expect most users to install a system-wide JRE and keep it updated anymore
02:42 pdurbin "pushing for"? I thought it was more like "enabling"
00:51 aditsu  and pushing for building custom JREs that only run your application
00:50 aditsu  seems that they're almost killing desktop java :(
00:38 aditsu  they removed javafx, applets, web start, autoupdate, and JREs separate from JDK
00:37 aditsu  looks like there are some dramatic changes: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/11-relnote-issues-5012449.html#Important_Changes
00:36 aditsu  I'm talking to some people about java 11 in #friendly-coders