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06:02 * mr_lou realize that by putting nanoz on ignore, he may be missing out on some entertainment...
04:43 aditsu   nanoz: that didn't make any sense, but you can simply make the changes you want in eclipse and see how the file changed, then you can know how to change it by hand
04:05 nanoz    i can give a dependency look to it
04:05 nanoz    so for example i have 2 different project
04:05 nanoz    yes i want to change it by hand
04:04 aditsu   isn't .classpath an eclipse thing? why would you change it by hand?
04:03 aditsu   you're very impatient :p
04:03 aditsu   word
04:02 * nanoz  damn! someone say a word !ping all chans
04:02 nanoz    <nanoz> would like to customize it by hand
04:02 nanoz    <nanoz> what element need to add / modify
04:02 nanoz    <nanoz> would like to know the .classpath file format