Time  Nick               Message
19:45 xCA7BABE5          good
19:43 aditsu             I don't think so
19:43 xCA7BABE5          manifest file has no relevance outside jar files, right?
19:34 mr_lou             We know you love us.
19:19 xCA7BABE5          I kid
19:17 aditsu             aww, why would you hate us?
19:16 xCA7BABE5          yes, I hate you all and I am going to make the world a slightly more misserable place
19:12 aditsu             if you have too much time on your hands and don't want others to ever build your projects, go ahead :)
19:12 mr_lou             ButtScript?
19:11 xCA7BABE5          why not make my own!
19:11 xCA7BABE5          why do I not want to know either?
19:11 xCA7BABE5          what's ant?
19:10 xCA7BABE5          what's a makefile?
19:10 aditsu             butt country? ok, write a bash script that calls make :p
19:09 xCA7BABE5          http://cat.butt.care:3434/priv/description.txt
19:09 xCA7BABE5          *butt
19:09 xCA7BABE5          but this is bat country
19:08 aditsu             (and other people use stuff like maven or gradle)
19:08 aditsu             I would just write a build script for ant
19:06 aditsu             use python to build a java project? ok..
19:06 xCA7BABE5          the CLI tool is to be made in Python
19:06 xCA7BABE5          without any Ants
19:06 aditsu             python? wat?
19:06 xCA7BABE5          generate it myself
19:05 xCA7BABE5          well, this is python and CLI
19:05 aditsu             I think of manifest files as annoying but necessary metadata that I just auto-generate at build time
19:05 xCA7BABE5          port in one breath, plug in and hope for the best
19:05 xCA7BABE5          much like my crosslanguage porting
19:04 xCA7BABE5          I won't know if it works until I put it all together
19:04 xCA7BABE5          I am still writing a text file that describes what the thing should do
19:04 aditsu             I don't know, seems weird, but you can give it a try if you think it works for you
19:03 xCA7BABE5          2. copied to jar
19:03 xCA7BABE5          1. config file
19:03 xCA7BABE5          the manifest sits in root of project folder and gets used in two ways
19:02 xCA7BABE5          what else?
19:02 xCA7BABE5          main class can be defined in manifest
19:02 xCA7BABE5          additional libs can be defined in manifest
19:02 xCA7BABE5          well, the directories are predefined(src, dist, bin, lib)
19:01 aditsu             how would that work as a project config?
19:00 xCA7BABE5          one thing that would probably be a nonstandard attribute in the manifest, in this case, would be the .jar's name
19:00 xCA7BABE5          hey aditsu, how would you feel if I used MANIFEST.MF as both the application's manifest and the project config for a rudimentary CLI tool?
18:57 * mr_lou           knows nothing
18:51 xCA7BABE5          *still a thing
18:51 xCA7BABE5          is hard vs soft a thing past ARM7?
18:50 mr_lou             ARM8 it would seem.
18:50 xCA7BABE5          then there's HardFP and SoftFP
18:47 aditsu             I don't know, find out :)
18:47 mr_lou             ARM7 or ARM8?
18:46 mr_lou             So you're saying ARM.
18:46 mr_lou             Looking at the VLC nightly builds for Android, I can only choose between ARM, x86 and MIPS....
18:46 mr_lou             Hm..
18:45 aditsu             according to wikipedia, Snapdragon is ARM-based SoC
18:43 mr_lou             Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU.....  is than an x86 CPU?
18:43 mr_lou             Hm
18:32 mr_lou             By different people.
18:32 mr_lou             Also... I.Q. is defined very differently.
18:32 mr_lou             You can't know till you've seen it.
18:31 aditsu             mr_lou: also, I don't believe you, you can't create something like the 8-bit memories project with a "very low IQ"
18:27 aditsu             it's *I*Q..
18:27 * xCA7BABE5        hides
18:27 xCA7BABE5          Hi Q
18:27 xCA7BABE5          Low Q
18:26 xCA7BABE5          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYOCcd9MplQ
18:26 aditsu             you're welcome :)
18:26 mr_lou             Well then no body just told me about it before now. :-P
18:26 mr_lou             mh
18:26 aditsu             it has even been updated by newer RFC's
18:26 aditsu             1990 is not very current
18:26 mr_lou             I avoid Facebook, Twitter, and all other "new" trends.
18:25 mr_lou             *current
18:25 mr_lou             Keep in mind I have a very low IQ and I never keep myself updated on curernt news.
18:25 xCA7BABE5          now you did
18:25 mr_lou             Well I never heard about that.
18:25 aditsu             http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=RFC+1149
18:25 xCA7BABE5          a 1st april gag
18:24 xCA7BABE5          for the above
18:24 xCA7BABE5          it's a joke standard proposal
18:24 mr_lou             I don't know what RFC 1149 is, if that's what you're referring to.
18:23 aditsu             well, read above
18:23 xCA7BABE5          yes
18:23 mr_lou             aditsu, Get what? Was it a joke? Then no, I didn't get it. :-)
18:05 xCA7BABE5          this is morbidly hilarious
18:05 xCA7BABE5          >An example of packet loss.
18:04 aditsu             very high latency, but the bandwidth can be decent depending on the strength of the carrier and the printing technology :)
18:02 xCA7BABE5          slightly slower than using tape input port :p
18:02 xCA7BABE5          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_over_Avian_Carriers close enough
18:01 aditsu             mr_lou: something tells me you didn't get it
18:00 xCA7BABE5          so that's cheating a bit
18:00 xCA7BABE5          from middleman computer
18:00 mr_lou             Or wifi router.
17:59 xCA7BABE5          the COCO-II here reiceved IRC input as sound
17:59 mr_lou             aditsu, Basically it's a Wifi card that someone invented. So you go online via your cellphone.
17:59 mr_lou             aditsu, I have no idea. I'm not a hardware guy.
17:58 xCA7BABE5          (not my creation)
17:57 xCA7BABE5          http://cat.butt.care:3434/priv/nailed_it.PNG :P
17:57 xCA7BABE5          be sure to run IRC on the CPC so I can post ANSI butts on it
17:57 aditsu             does the Amstrad use RFC 1149 to go online?
17:56 mr_lou             Exactly.
17:56 xCA7BABE5          it grows ever bloated
17:56 mr_lou             Web is the absolute WORST INVENTION EVER!
17:55 mr_lou             Dead platforms are awesome. You will never ever experience that something suddenly just doesn't work anymore. I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:55 mr_lou             I might join this channel from my Amstrad CPC some day.
17:55 mr_lou             The Amstrad CPC is still used a lot. New hardware keeps being made. Recently it became possible to go online with it. :->
17:54 mr_lou             <-- Amstrad CPC guy
17:51 aditsu             I recommend ZX Spectrum :D
17:50 mr_lou             Dead platforms are the best.
17:45 xCA7BABE5          different beast from Palm
17:45 xCA7BABE5          >linux based
17:44 xCA7BABE5          probably no longer has any connection to Palm
17:43 xCA7BABE5          successor to Palm, of sorts
17:43 xCA7BABE5          oh yeah
17:43 xCA7BABE5          unfamiliar with it
17:41 aditsu             there is webOS now
17:38 xCA7BABE5          gravity points for people interested in the platform
17:37 xCA7BABE5          N900/Maemo has one large site and one large IRC channel :P
17:37 xCA7BABE5          same with J2ME
17:36 xCA7BABE5          there are fans, but they are dispersed
17:36 xCA7BABE5          true
17:36 aditsu             well, it doesn't really help that it's a dead platform
17:36 xCA7BABE5          and people to make software for, other than yourself
17:35 xCA7BABE5          which is a drawback if you want a helping hand
17:35 xCA7BABE5          sadly, I don't see any fan-gatherings for it today
17:34 xCA7BABE5          programming for it is done in plain C and API appears straight forward from a glance
17:30 xCA7BABE5          Palm goes the no-bullshit simplicity way
17:29 xCA7BABE5          to describe this phone, it's a nerd toy
17:28 xCA7BABE5          and the software selection for it will suffer because of this
17:28 xCA7BABE5          so porting things to it will probably hurt a bit
17:28 xCA7BABE5          regretably, you have an old kernel and old libs
17:27 xCA7BABE5          hell, you get X Terminal out of the box
17:26 xCA7BABE5          this damned well is
17:26 xCA7BABE5          Android is not linux
17:26 xCA7BABE5          it's painfully linux
17:26 xCA7BABE5          until I bought and used the phone :P
17:26 xCA7BABE5          same I did with Maemo and Nokia N900
17:26 xCA7BABE5          I hold good impressions of PalmOS from the reading I've done so far
17:20 mr_lou             bbl, dinner time.
17:19 mr_lou             Um.... I don't remember.
17:19 xCA7BABE5          I wonder if you ever had contact with PalmOS
17:19 mr_lou             In other news; Kodi v18 (Leia) should be able to play my 8-bit Memoirs project! \o/
17:18 mr_lou             None of that "Android Java" for me thanks.
17:18 mr_lou             And being able to run JavaME helps.
17:18 mr_lou             I may buy the Nokia 3310 3G just for the buttons and non smart-os.
17:18 xCA7BABE5          I don't blame you
17:18 mr_lou             Well, I'm tired of smartphones.
17:17 xCA7BABE5          which work, most of the times
17:17 xCA7BABE5          none the less, I have rules intuitively jammed in place for vocalization, for this tongue
17:17 xCA7BABE5          yes
17:16 aditsu             but English is not a phonetic language
17:16 xCA7BABE5          I
17:16 xCA7BABE5          I think it's called subvocalization
17:16 xCA7BABE5          I read sound
17:16 xCA7BABE5          I write from sound
17:15 xCA7BABE5          I say vocalization because, reading and writing automagically produces sound in my head
17:15 aditsu             冇問題
17:15 xCA7BABE5          sorry, I don't have vocalization package for that kind of runes installed
17:14 aditsu             好啦
16:59 xCA7BABE5          I live with exactly one layout
16:58 xCA7BABE5          I can't even be arsed that
16:58 xCA7BABE5          I learned it in childhood from undubbed cartoon network and vidja gaems
16:58 aditsu             you just need a good keyboard layout
16:58 xCA7BABE5          English is an unphonetical mess of a language
16:57 xCA7BABE5          blah
16:57 xCA7BABE5          wield
16:57 xCA7BABE5          *weild
16:57 xCA7BABE5          I can't be arsed to wield non-ansi characters in IRC
16:53 xCA7BABE5          a pampered diminutive
16:53 aditsu             I call it a diminutive
16:53 xCA7BABE5          *distortion
16:53 aditsu             are you looking for the ț ?
16:53 aditsu             ^_^
16:52 xCA7BABE5          adi[tz]u
16:52 xCA7BABE5          a pampering/distorition of Adi/Adrian
16:52 xCA7BABE5          now your nick makes sense
16:50 xCA7BABE5          the Internet is a small place
16:50 xCA7BABE5          cu parasuta
16:49 aditsu             by plane :p
16:49 xCA7BABE5          da-te gios imediat!
16:49 xCA7BABE5          cum ai ajuns acolo sus?
16:49 aditsu             Hong Kong
16:49 xCA7BABE5          what tld is that
16:49 aditsu             da :p
16:49 xCA7BABE5          >hk
16:48 aditsu             I just realized we're compatriots
16:48 xCA7BABE5          I changed name as a parody to another nick in here :P
16:48 xCA7BABE5          yes
16:47 aditsu             xCA7BABE5: you're CatButts, right?
16:43 xCA7BABE5          I wouldn't mind a J2SE port to have handy on my phone
16:43 xCA7BABE5          I have a rudimentary midi sequencer for J2ME that I decompiled and modded
16:42 xCA7BABE5          what is out there in terms of java midi softsynth that is not Sun's implementation
16:41 xCA7BABE5          I wonder
16:39 aditsu             JavaMeh
16:38 xCA7BABE5          NO
16:38 xCA7BABE5          I estimate that the answer is
16:37 xCA7BABE5          butt
16:37 xCA7BABE5          that is the question
16:37 xCA7BABE5          but will sufficient people give a fuck to get the ball rolling?
16:37 xCA7BABE5          <mr_lou> New life to JavaME!
16:22 * Prissy_Tonkinese rolls on cat butt
15:40 mr_lou             No?
15:19 mr_lou             Soon ##j2me will thrive again!
15:19 mr_lou             New life to JavaME!  \o/
15:18 * mr_lou           pokes Prissy_Tonkinese
15:18 mr_lou             So apparently the new Nokia 3310 3G version should be able to run JavaME.