Time  Nick    Message
16:29 aditsu  some of them rather old
16:28 aditsu  damn, ODF Toolkit has an asston of dependencies...
15:16 aditsu  wow, method reference on a string literal
11:29 pdurbin It's worth a shot. :)
09:19 pulsar  lets see if i get that past the code review :)
09:18 pulsar  oh boy... functional patterns, lambda expressions and function pointers are perfect ingridients for funky code: findGsonNode(map, p->true, "directive"::equals, "header"::equals)
02:50 pdurbin yeah
02:47 aditsu  nothing really, I'm just talking about the amalgamation and arbitrary numbers :)
02:47 pdurbin What do you have against summer hits? ;)
02:46 pdurbin heh
02:35 aditsu  instead it's like a "summer hits no. 17" CD
02:33 aditsu  I'm not saying it should be a monolith, but I would expect to find at least one component that matches the project in either name or version number..
02:31 pdurbin out* of favor
02:31 pdurbin monoliths are our of favor
01:42 aditsu  jeez, odftoolkit-0.6.2 consists of several components: odfdom-java-0.8.11, odfvalidator-1.1.8, simple-odf-0.8.2 and xslt-runner-1.2.4, it makes SO much sense 😂