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14:59 pulsar   so... we will be attending to a career-trade show this month and there will be a contest: find 3 bugs, win an ipad.
14:59 pulsar   attendees can choose between swift, javascirpt and java.
14:59 pulsar   here is what i came up with so far: https://gist.github.com/pulsar256/9d0ea31a26a98791eca5e68ef4994877
15:00 pulsar   too easy? too hard?
21:22 aditsu   pulsar: are you organizing it?
21:26 pulsar   nope
21:26 pulsar   @aditsu
21:26 pulsar   its organized by an university
21:26 pulsar   i am just there representing "our" company.
21:27 aditsu   it seems that you are writing the program in which others need to find bugs; I thought the organizers are supposed to do that
21:28 pulsar   its a career trade show with many booths
21:28 pulsar   where students can talk to the devs / company representatives
21:29 pulsar   my intention is to show on a big screen how ppl do *really* work over at our place
21:29 pulsar   so no stock photos of ppl on the phone taking notes
21:29 pulsar   instead of this i show photos of workspaces with lots of junk on the desk
21:30 pulsar   and screenshots of ppls dev environments
21:30 pulsar   + that contest in our booth, find bugs, win some expensive crap.
21:30 aditsu   ok, so you *are* organizing the contest
21:31 aditsu   which is local to your booth
21:31 pulsar   thats what i was trying to say, yes :)
21:32 aditsu   and you're looking for candidates to hire?
21:32 pulsar   kinda, yeah.
21:32 aditsu   ah, "expensive crap" - very well said
21:33 pulsar   looking for good ppl and trying to get their attention.
21:33 pulsar   ipad, yeah ;)
21:33 aditsu   why not give actually good stuff?
21:34 pulsar   like what?
21:34 aditsu   I don't know.. a Nexus device, a blackberry priv, something like that
21:35 aditsu   anyway, I looked at your gist and easily saw 4 bugs
21:35 pulsar   there are just 4
21:36 pulsar   too easy, eh?
21:36 aditsu   I can show you a couple of puzzling things, just a minute
21:36 pulsar   well.. keep in mind that the visitors will be junior level.
21:38 aditsu   (things I previously posted)
21:38 aditsu   http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/21741/strange-ways-to-keep-an-endless-high-cpu-usage/21772#21772
21:38 * pulsar reads
21:38 aditsu   http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/28627/program-that-adds-all-natural-numbers-and-yields-1-12/29924#29924
21:39 aditsu   this is probably the toughest: http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/27089/throw-a-null-pointer-exception/27100#27100
21:48 pulsar   cpu2 is easy
21:48 pulsar   one... still puzzled. not spoling myself.
21:50 pulsar   oh, w8... the comment, right?
21:51 pulsar   yeah :)
21:51 pulsar   thats a classic, "dont look at the mistake" puzzle.
21:53 pulsar   a nice one though. too tough for juniors. infinite byte loop is more adequate
21:53 aditsu   check out the other ones too
21:54 pulsar   looking at the natural numbers
21:54 pulsar   on the first glance (few secs) it looks like a signed/unsigned issue
21:54 pulsar   but that would be too easy
21:55 pulsar   .... and it is...
21:55 pulsar   that easy.
21:55 pulsar   npe
21:56 pulsar   i can think of few issues, but that one is not obvious
21:57 pulsar   so, what i guess is an autoboxing problem
21:58 aditsu   when I look at the one adding all natural numbers, after a long time of not seeing it, I tend to think it's a 31-bit vs 32-bit issue (i.e. not reaching the max), when in fact it doesn't run at all
22:01 pulsar   heh.. i was right about autoboxing, but the explaination is new to me.
22:01 aditsu   yeah, it's a very weird and unintuitive behavior
22:01 pulsar   if it was not stated there is a bug in that code, i would never notice it. not in a life time.