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23:20 kozukumi  Yeah I mostly just use Ubuntu as it works and I am lazy
23:08 pdurbin   ideally
23:02 pdurbin   sfisque: hmm. dunno! probably
22:52 sfisque   would they require relocation to mass?
22:50 pdurbin   I've really only done full time professional development for three years.
22:48 pdurbin   redhat stuff for a looong time... more recently ubuntu
22:40 kozukumi  I see you are a Linux guy, what you run?
22:35 pdurbin   well, if you know anyone in Boston...
22:34 kozukumi  Hello Philip
22:34 pdurbin   "We are unable to provide visa sponsorship for this position."
22:33 kozukumi  not America tho :(
22:33 kozukumi  Shit I could do Cambridge UK
22:33 pulsar    heh... does that offer include a greencard? :)
22:32 pdurbin   aditsu CJ_ kozukumi pulsar sfisque xb new job opening to be my boss: https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWEbHost/jobdetails.aspx?partnerID=25240&siteID=5341&AReq=38761BR :)
22:29 pdurbin   yeah, this is me: http://www.iq.harvard.edu/people/philip-durbin
22:28 kozukumi  so are you a professional dev?
22:28 kozukumi  cheers
22:26 pdurbin   I got a lot out of android videos by https://www.youtube.com/user/derekbanas
22:23 kozukumi  yeah i thin ki would like to at least learn some of the basics
22:23 pdurbin   I played around a bit at https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse-android but it's not a game.
22:21 pdurbin   and maybe someday we'll do it "for real" ... in Android Studio and everything
22:17 kozukumi  haha nice
22:15 pdurbin   my 9 year old made a game for her little sister at https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/101511902/ and we are planning on moving it to app inventor so we can play it on android
22:15 pulsar    smoke testing too ;)
22:15 kozukumi  good point lol
22:15 pdurbin   3 year olds can do usability testing :)
22:14 kozukumi  my kids 3 :)
22:14 pulsar    but sicne you have an idea about what you want to code, java would be a match. yes.
22:14 pdurbin   kozukumi: you should start with http://appinventor.mit.edu ... and have your kid help: https://plus.google.com/+PhilipDurbin/posts/PbtgTWgqQry
22:13 pulsar    so bascially webgl + javascript
22:13 kozukumi  well i did some c# a long time ago so its not totally new to me
22:13 pulsar    you might also consider somethign web based
22:13 pulsar    for ppl with 0 dev experience that is
22:12 pulsar    so you could use java for that, yes. but the dev enironment is rather harsh to get into
22:12 kozukumi  hence java :)
22:12 kozukumi  android
22:12 pdurbin   kozukumi: android or iphone?
22:12 kozukumi  31
22:12 kozukumi  i was thinking about a little game that my son can play on my phone
22:11 pulsar    how old are you?
22:11 kozukumi  Kinda like learning to paint, i want to learn but not sure what i want to paint just yet
22:10 pulsar    you can start with any language of your choice, as pdurbin mentions, it boils down to what drives you to do so. just learning a language wont cut it. you have to have an usecase or a problem you want to solve to get into that.
22:10 kozukumi  Not sure to be honest lol, looking more at a place to start
22:09 pdurbin   kozukumi: what are you trying to build?
22:09 pdurbin   I'm thinking.
22:07 kozukumi  Good idea or bad idea?
22:06 kozukumi  So I'm not a programmer but I would like to learn and was thinking of starting with java
22:06 pdurbin   or throw one
22:06 kozukumi  nice
22:06 pdurbin   we can make an exception
22:06 kozukumi  So can I chat about Java here? Or does it have to be Bruce Willis movie related?
22:05 kozukumi  nice
22:05 pdurbin   pulsar was BORN READY
22:05 pulsar    READY.
22:05 * pdurbin thinks pulsar said something once
22:00 kozukumi  am i the only person to talk in here then? lol
22:00 kozukumi  nah im in the uk and it got late is all
21:58 kozukumi  ha
21:54 pdurbin   kozukumi: we thought we scared you away: http://irclog.greptilian.com/friendlyjava/2016-03-15
21:53 kozukumi  ?
21:53 pdurbin   kozukumi: it's from a movie. The Fifth Element (1997) - IMDb - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119116/
21:12 kozukumi  hello all
14:16 aditsu    a huge achievement for AI
14:15 aditsu    on another note, AlphaGo finished the games with Lee Sedol, with an impressive 4-1 score
14:09 aditsu    according to wikipedia, "It has been called both the best and worst summer blockbuster of all time."
14:07 pdurbin   way to go sfisque ;)
14:07 aditsu    I hope kozukumi wasn't too weirded out
14:04 aditsu    don't remember the meat popsicles line though
14:04 aditsu    pdurbin: it's quite entertaining, often cheesy but I liked it
00:04 * pdurbin wonders if it's any good