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22:32 usandfriends  hi
20:33 pdurbin       wow, welcome to all the new people!
20:07 sfisque       npnp
20:06 SageOfFailure Thanks sfisque !
20:06 SageOfFailure There's only like 11 people here. I hope so
20:06 sfisque       i will be afk, but maybe someone else will be around.  you can always ask questions and check back.  people come and go from afk alot
20:05 SageOfFailure I'm going to have more questions within the next hour(I need to read up on printf real quick). Will you be here to help me?
20:05 SageOfFailure just wrote "double monthly = fsl.nextDouble()/12;"
20:04 sfisque       :-D
20:04 SageOfFailure Nice, it worked
20:03 SageOfFailure I guess I'll try that then. I was thinking there might be a specific way to do it with a java method or object
20:03 sfisque       but you might have to coerce the Double to a double
20:03 sfisque       if you're on a relatively modern jvm you should be able to, due to auto boxing
20:02 SageOfFailure Can I just take fsl.nextDouble() and divide it by 12?
20:02 sfisque       aye.  well that's your answer.  just translate that sentence into a math equation
20:02 SageOfFailure I want to switch that out with a variable "monthly" instead and have it be what the user inputs divided by 12
20:01 SageOfFailure See where I created the variable "annual"
20:01 SageOfFailure Here's a picture of my current program
20:01 SageOfFailure http://prntscr.com/8huibg
20:01 sfisque       ah
20:01 SageOfFailure I just want some tips
20:01 SageOfFailure It's due tonight, and we don't do help requests
20:00 sfisque       does your class have a TA or does the prof have an email you can send help requests to?
20:00 SageOfFailure My bad
20:00 SageOfFailure Oh right, you have to login, huh?
20:00 sfisque       that link doesnt work for me
20:00 SageOfFailure For a computer science class
20:00 SageOfFailure This is a program for school
20:00 sfisque       if you are just learning java for the first time
19:59 sfisque       you might want to explore something simpler, like "hello world" or adding two numbers together
19:59 SageOfFailure Look at that link if you want to understand better what I'm supposed to do
19:59 SageOfFailure http://moodle2.lsu.edu/pluginfile.php/1260228/mod_resource/content/16/csc1350proj01f15.pdf
19:58 SageOfFailure I'm a beginner programmer
19:58 SageOfFailure No idea what you're talking about :D
19:58 sfisque       i'm not very versed in financial math, but if you're trying to read input from the user, in java, you pretty much have 3 avenues for a "simple" program.  either pass in as an argument to the program [main( String[] argv ) ], use an InputStream or Reader to read stdin, or gather input from a graphical widget via swing/awt window.
19:56 SageOfFailure Can you help me, sfisque Xd
19:56 SageOfFailure Yeah :(
19:55 sfisque       aye
19:55 SageOfFailure I tried joining ##java but it won't say anything
19:55 SageOfFailure Hey, is anyone here that can help me?