Time  Nick      Message
22:37 pulsar    pushed some docs
22:33 pulsar    https://github.com/pulsar256/feedblender/blob/master/feedblender-standalone/src/main/java/feedblender/model/FeedItem.java#L83
22:32 pulsar    and i *really* dig lambdas, java 8 collection streams and "fake" local initializers
22:30 pdurbin   :)
22:26 pulsar    ;)
22:26 pulsar    man figlet
22:26 pulsar    a logo....
22:24 pdurbin   nice. a logo and everything
22:19 pulsar    pdurbin: https://github.com/pulsar256/feedblender
21:52 pulsar    not early to say that
21:51 pdurbin   pulsar: so you like it
21:07 pulsar    logback provides some support for that
20:35 pulsar    much colors, very CSI
20:35 pulsar    i need to go hipster all the way, need a ansi-logger for the club-mate console
20:34 pulsar    ok. finished a basic vertx.io based app, learned a lot.
15:38 pdurbin   I like that you can just write normal HTML: <form action="resources/contacts" method="post">
15:36 pdurbin   I think MVC 1.0 will be a nice addition to the Java EE spec. It's slated to go into Java EE 8.
15:35 pdurbin   but I'm starting to get a feel for how it works
15:35 pdurbin   not done yet
15:35 pdurbin   https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/tree/master/examples/ozark
15:35 pulsar    you mentioned working on it iirc
15:34 pdurbin   pulsar: did I tell you I pushed a stub for the Java EE MVC1.0 (Ozark) code I was working on?
15:32 pulsar    for prefs... i think i will go with "java perfs" ;)
15:31 pulsar    cool. so.. dead-simple persistence next
15:31 pulsar    podcasts plenty
15:31 pulsar    blogs not so much
15:30 pdurbin   and other stuff
15:29 pulsar    mixer working
15:29 pulsar    HA!
15:29 pulsar    "both"?
15:29 pdurbin   pulsar: so you're subscribed to both podcasts and blogs, I assume
15:27 pulsar    und some verticles
15:27 pulsar    almost there. fixing the rss generation as we speak
15:27 pulsar    sorted by date, trimmed and relabeled so the didle does also say what podcast show it is.
15:26 pulsar    but i want only one feed with all my stuff mixed in
15:26 pulsar    yup
15:26 * pdurbin is pretty into podcasts
15:25 pdurbin   pulsar: cool. I process podcast feeds for http://podcasts.greptilian.com
15:24 pulsar    so my motivation is to hack up a feed blender since yahoo pipes is going offline soon
15:23 pulsar    O.o
15:23 pdurbin   I'd only ever heard of Twitch.
15:23 pdurbin   nice
15:21 pulsar    http://demovibes.org/demovibes-live-2/
15:21 pulsar    yeah
15:21 pdurbin   pulsar: cool. did you pick the music?
14:54 pulsar    http://www.twitch.tv/pulsar256
14:54 pulsar    hello-worlding vertx.io today
07:24 aditsu    ah, btw, I played this recently :) http://www.sporcle.com/games/robv/java_keywords
07:22 aditsu    pdurbin: correction: style guidelines for the openjdk source code
01:27 pdurbin   DRAFT: Java Style Guidelines - http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alundblad/styleguide/