Time  Nick      Message
20:30 pdurbin   huh. ok
20:21 pulsar    Yah. Jad. Super-Old Java decompiler.
19:36 pdurbin   pulsar: jad?
17:53 pulsar    i will take a closer look
17:53 fahio     u may like it
17:53 fahio     pulsar, have look in this http://www.benf.org/other/cfr/
17:52 fahio     i just did javap -v -c myclass.class just what i need :/
17:40 pulsar    avoid jad.
17:40 pulsar    something like that.
17:40 pulsar    since... dunno, idea 13?
17:40 pulsar    also, idea has one built in.
17:40 pulsar    fahio: http://jd.benow.ca/ this one rocks
16:58 fahio     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irJQDGw8Ptk aditsu and All
16:24 fahio     any java decompiler in windows ?
15:25 fahio     fahio, sticks onto locate
15:19 fahio     pdurbin, is there any way we can make philbot to turnoff for few moments since search engine scans the bot
15:18 fahio     does find has verbose option
15:13 pulsar    hi ;)
15:13 pulsar    <insert metal gear sound here>
15:13 pulsar    !
15:13 fahio     hi pulsar
13:55 aditsu    fahio: hi
13:39 fahio     hello
09:20 pulsar    i spin up quite a lot of threads
09:19 pulsar    15
09:19 pulsar    cem1: find . -name "*.java" -exec cat {} \; | egrep volatile | wc -l
08:30 cem1      The JAR archive specified by the -jar option, which overrides all other values. If this option is used, all user classes must come from the specified archive.
08:30 cem1      The value of the -cp or -classpath command line option, which overrides both the default value and the CLASSPATH value.
08:30 cem1      The value of the CLASSPATH environment variable, which overrides the default value.
08:30 cem1      The default value, ".", meaning that user class files are all the class files in the current directory (or under it, if in a package).
04:33 aditsu    the classpath must contain only *roots* of package hierarchies
04:32 aditsu    cem1: try this: java -cp . com.home.basic.BasicDemo q
04:18 cem1      didnt work err
04:18 cem1      changed to com\home\basic and than did java -cp . BasicDemo q
04:12 cem1      using windows
04:12 cem1      java -cp .;\com\home\basic BasicDemo q
04:11 cem1      Error: Could not find or load main class getting this error
02:17 aditsu    "volatile" appears once in my current workspace :)
02:15 * pdurbin hadn't even heard of strictfp
01:58 aditsu    I may have used it once or twice, don't really remember